Nonvella 2016 Trio

Nonvella 2016 Trio

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The Books

All the authors happen to be Canadian, with the exception of anthology contributor David James Duncan—who fishes and writes from an undisclosed location in Montana. 

The Shoe Boy 

Duncan McCue's memoir of a season spent hunting on a Northern Quebec trapline as a teenager is frank, funny and evocative. It’s also a beautiful rendering of a landscape and culture few people know. A reporter for CBC’s The National, McCue is Anishinaabe—a member of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation in southern Ontario—and currently lives in Vancouver. This is his first book. 

Opium Eater: The New Confessions

Toronto writer Carlyn Zwarenstein riffs on the original confession by Thomas De Quincey, dipping her quill into the dark ink of pain, drugs and art. What do De Quincey, Frida Kahlo and the author have in common? Intimate and in some cases devastating experience with all three of those things. 

Where I'd Rather Go

This is Nonvella's second anthology—featuring David James Duncan on being a closet mystic, Susan Olding on her affair with her legal ethics prof, and the extended remix version of Chris Koentges’ encounter with the devotees of an odd Belgian/Detroit sport called featherbowling.